the pearl of the Aegean sea!


Samos the pearl of the Aegean sea! is one of the Greek islands in the Easthern Aegean sea. Samos lies of all islands closest to Turkey.
Samos is separated 1.2 km of the Turkish Mainland. The island has an area of approximately 475 km2 and a coastline with a circumference of 159 km. The island is about 25 km wide and 50 km long. Samos has the highest mountain ranges of all the islands in the Aegean sea. The Kerkis mountain with about 1433 m. and the Ampelos mountain with about 1153 m.

Samos has a population of 40,000 people. Most live in the larger cities Vathy and Karlovassi. The rest of the population lives in the various villages of the island. Samos has a very diverse landscape and stunning nature with green forest in the north and the plains in the south, and the impassable landscape in the west.

From the first time I came, I have pledged my heart to Samos. Now I've been there several times, I always discover new beautiful things.
That's why I want to share my love for this beautiful island with you all, by this site.

Watch here the movie about Samos, that i have found on youtube.

Here is an impression of Samos, with among Kokari, Potami, Pappa Beach, Posidonio and Mikro Seitani. A few nice pictures to brings you in the mood.

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